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I am Filipe Gonçalves, a CS student working towards a Master's degree. I spend my time learning exciting computer-related stuff and solving cool and challenging problems. I also read lots of technical books, and that's normally where I pick some of the content for this website. This is like my little place where I can concentrate my thoughts on what I learn, read, and investigate through the internet.

I was born on 03/14/1992, which, just out of curiosity, is the Pi Day.

Besides computers, I also have a passion for sports and healthy life style, so I have a strong daily exercise policy: indoor and outdoor cycling, weight lifting, running, etc.

I created this website to share my experience and show my knowledge to the world, and because I feel I need to contribute to the Internet. The truth is that I get so excited and happy with the things I learn that I feel I must share it with someone else just to let others appreciate the beautifulness and power of knowledge. Most people have enough fun consuming the information available on the Internet, but hey, someone's gotta put it out there!

If you like my website, have any questions, comments or suggestions, I will be glad to hear from you.

And remember: the spirit is that if you know something, you should post it on the web, so that others can learn from you. World will be a better place if you do so!

Contact information

You can reach me via:

  • E-mail: filipe [at] c0ding highway [dot] com (remove spaces, and replace the zero in c0ding with an o)
  • IRC: I am Fill on IRC. I run a small IRC network with a bunch of other great people that goes under the name of MindForge ( - you can find me on #mindforge-chat. I'm also on Mozilla's IRC.